The High-Rise Building Multiple Entry Vertical Escape Technology 

1968 - 2001

History will shows that:
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People that were trapped above the floor levels impacted  could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM, remaining operative over 25, in few minutes.
The Zephinie   Escape Chute (ZEC) 
can operate over 100 floors.  
Can evacuate up 1000 persons per minute, including handicapped ,  injured persons with the same average escape speed.
Ignorance or bad will
can't invalidate demonstrable 

Fire code enclosed ZEC escape chute 
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 Zephinie Escape Chute
 Pioneer of vertical mass evacuation technologies



During the 70's only buildings presenting technical impossibility to be completely evacuated in less than 20 minutes in normal condition was corresponding to the high-rise building's category.

All business selling escape chutes devises make claim of "High-rise buildings escape chute".
Years ago high-rise buildings (HRB) was the definition used for buildings out of reach of 100 ft fire ladders.

10<16 storey HRBs and 70<100 storey HRBs present different alternative evacuation problematic. 

A Uyeda spiral Vertical escape chute is different than a Zephinie straight vertical escape chute.
A Zephinie multiple entry vertical evacuation system present fundamental fire engineering design difference with a Zephinie's or Uyeda's vertical escape chute. 

That doesn't help to makes a difference between high-rise buildings alternative mass evacuation techniques that has to present stairway similar protection and massive exit capacities and "escape chutes systems".

Definitely a simple rope and basic military or mountain hiking training makes a very efficient escape chute and everything could be better than nothing to escape from hell.

since 1977 non-evacuation option was officially enforced, tall building evacuation subject is taboo and serious alternative technique of mass evacuation development was discretely deterred. 

Terrorist attack hazard was and remains the higher known chance for non- evacuation option to cause eventually major non-evacuation disasters.

Insurance industry will never share the official credo, estimated chance of evacuation disaster risks was internationally shared by the industry.

Sep.11  disaster shall undoubtedly motivated   many  business entrepreneurs to claim having a 100 stories escape chute solution.
Ignorance about the subject will not help to change the official position.

The HRB evacuation taboo has created a general ignorance about modern evacuation techniques.

Japanese and French has developed advanced escape chute techniques millions time tested worldwide but in the USA.  Both have voluntary limited the height of public usage of their system.  

Tall towers require mass evacuation systems equal or superior capacity of normal stairways exits because terrorist attack on a tower will remains the greater chance to oblige immediate as fast could be complete evacuation.
An attack will always aim at the structure collapsing and time available to escape... uncertain. 
During the last century over hundreds different escape chute techniques were tested and  eventually present extreme technical design differences.

Some escape systems are autonomous other are ground assisted, some are continuous other discontinuous.


Forewords to explain the inventor's present position in the 35 years old adventure of modern high-rise buildings evacuation.   

 We have not presently original ZEC's products for sale. Why?
Millions dollars delinquencies on licensing contracts drove Zephinie out of business. 

However, thousands of ZEC installations are sold by ex-licensee having pirated the technology during the patents exclusivity period and companies in Asia have burgeoned from this source.
(see The Scandinavian pirates of the ZEC)

It results that all ZEC technologies based products are commercialized without the original technical support of G. Zephinie. Some installations and production are considered incompetent or hazardous by Zephinie. Notwithstanding thousands appreciate and use the ZEC in a dozen of countries, even with defects compared original standards!      

This non commercial Internet publication is motivated by ethic of knowledge diffusion and claim for justice.

The ZEC-ME high rise building technology now belong to commune science and technology's domain. Ergo.. anyone is free to use the ZEC commune technology with or without Zephinie's expert consulting support and transfer of original technical standards and quality control reference.     

Inventor and technology pioneer moral rights backed by 35 years historical period of R & D on high-rise building technologies empower Zephinie as competent interlocutor to reopen a public expert debate on high-rise building  evacuation taboo controversy.

As long as the media stays silenced the existence of the Zephinie evacuation ME technology, any serious public debate about alternative mass evacuation could be reopen in the USA, because ZEC is the only evacuation technology based on the US NFPA fire protection standards.  

Expert opinions opposing new discovery using non scientific argument never will escape from history examination. Blackguard immortality is the unavoidable cost of intellectual unfairness. 
New generation or disaster can help to change questionable official expert position .

To prove that long time predicted evacuation disaster in the USA could have been avoided will remains the aim of this site.

Unfairness can takes away everything but a person fortitude based on scientific facts.

Gerard Zephinie

N.B. English is my third learned language and fourth in practice ranking. I ask of forgive me some grammatical confusions and to help maybe to correct them



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