The High-Rise Building Multiple Entry Vertical Escape Technology 

1968 - 2001

History will shows that:
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People that were trapped above the floor levels impacted  could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM, remaining operative over 25, in few minutes.
The Zephinie   Escape Chute (ZEC) 
can operate over 100 floors.  
Can evacuate up 1000 persons per minute, including handicapped ,  injured persons with the same average escape speed.
Ignorance or bad will
can't invalidate demonstrable 

Fire code enclosed ZEC escape chute 
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Several swindlers, including Ingstrom, falsely declare having invented the "Zephinie" Vertical Escape Chute technology     

Recently a gentleman doing business with some Ingstrom associates in  Asia could not believe that G. Zephinie was the Inventor and Founder of the Zephinie Vertical Escape Chute Technology,  abused by the affirmation that Ingstrom was the original inventor of the technology (please see The Scandinavian pirates of the ZEC Historic Archive 

The following documents show the facsimile French patent of Certificat d'addition  of the French patent 1.604.702 of the 18th of April 1968, filed  June 5, 1973 by Gerard J. Zephinie  ( Exhibit # 1) and later extended under priority regulation to many countries including the USA where the patent have been divided into three difference patents finally published during in 1976 and 1977 # 3,977,476, 3,977,495 etc... ( Exhibit # 2, 3.4.5 )  

The development of  the ZEC account over 20  original inventions, only those been considered as essential have been patented. The cost to eventually patent of the inventions was to high. However the no patented inventions where publicly documented to secure the public domain anteriority  status and the copyright anteriority.

The hereafter  included document that show definitely that the ZEC  stated to be developed 14 years before Ingstrom got illegally the full Engineering and Marketing package of the  ZEC technology in 1980.  

If eventually some, swindlers, slickers, hucksters or as you want to mane them,  have abused of your confidence and your money including tightening you with draconian contracts of franchise or distribution of forgery of the ZEC technology, we will happy to help you to get rid of it.  We can help you also to get a original product of strict qualities much cheaper.  We will never accept to conceder as decent business competitor anyone having originally  obtained the technology trough the Insgtrom ring.  

Those founding a worldwide business Lying and Swindling eventually  thousands of good faith confidents peoples are what they are. 

However those having be adverted and documented of the sort of business ethic of that we are talking and think to keep doing business that way, definitely would  considered  as belonging to the same sort of business gamblers. 
If eventually you don't want to deal with us, better do business the Japanese Escape chute technology of Uyeda.  Uyeda is the ONLY decent and honorable competitor of the ZEC technology that we actually recognize. You can also deal with Otis of France and Spain having been the legal exclusive licensee of the ZEC technology during 20 years.     

Exhibit #1 

Exhibit # 2 

Zephinie US patent 1

Exhibit #3 

Zephinie US patent 2

Exhibit # 4 

Zephinie US patent 3

Exhibit # 5 

Zephinie US patent 5

Invalid Patent having been used for abusing

Not only some crooks lie affirming that their are the inventors and founders of the Vertical Escape Technology but including have  used the Invalid  French patent #  82 16 127 registered at the name of Jean-Paul  Marechal the  24 of September 1982  regarding the modular chute used in fire ladder evacuation.
This document went to our knowledge via a company having paid an important sum to obtain the exclusive right to sell the Ingstrom Escape Chute. 
It have been largely publicized years ago the the ZEC was a French invention, so that allowed Marechal to impersonalise the French inventor of the Ingstrom chute. 

In fact this patent is the strict description of one of the chutes that  the swindler group never have  paid for  the  Ascenter Otis (Otis France) Company. 

Said patent describe the EVZ Mobil model that was in the public domain since 1974 . The EVZ Mobil have been certified 7 years before by the French government  (1975) fact  proving legally the complete Invalidity of the said document . 
JP. Marechal have been for a time G. Zephinie's brother's partner for the purpose to commercialize the Evacuation Vertical Zephinie.    

Exhibit # 6 

marechal invalid patent doc 6

Example of Ingstrom and associates ethic of scientific communication:

 They announce in the The Singapore Institute of Architects (SIA) a national organization representing architects in Singapore, The  Breakthrough in Technology From .... Escape Consult Mobiltex (S) Pte Ltd has introduced the Multi-Entry system of the INGSTROM Escape Chute, developed by AB Mobiltex OY  , that means the 1973 and yet  unchallenged Zephinie Multiple Entry Vertical Fire Escape Technology !

See: Exhibit#4 and Historic Archive  01 of the Zephinie Vertical Escape

Hereafter the integral reproduction of the announcement present at


Breakthrough in Technology
Ad Number: 242 Date Posted: 03/26/2001
Contact: JN
Web Site:

Escape Consult Mobiltex (S) Pte Ltd has introduced the Multi-Entry system of the INGSTROM Escape Chute, developed by AB Mobiltex OY to supplement the
fire escape stairs and fireman's lifts in aiding vertical escape during

This system is designed to accomodate multiple entry for vertical escape in multi-storey buildings. It takes less gross floor area of space for the construction of the vertical shaft in comparison to a fire stairwell or a lift shaft. The chute is installed in segment at each floor level inside
the protected shaft, one segment of chute per storey, from the highest floor to the ground floor on the same vertical line.

Unlike the fire staircase which can only be used by able-bodied people, the facility does not have stairs, enabling the disabled or injured on stretcher to escape easily. The escape chute enables as many as 30 people a minute to be evacuated from a burning building in difficult conditions. Furthermore, it needs no power supply to operate, allowing it to be operational for evacuation during a power outage.

This system not only adds another level of life safety measure of egress in the built environment but also serves as a better alternative to climbing to the rescue. With an additional means of vertical escape, rescue and evacuation operations can be carried out simultaneously during an emergency.
Furthermore, the special group can be spared the agony and danger of walking down long flight of stairs. Thus, it helps to make mass evacuation even quicker and relatively safer in any high rise scenario.

To make egress in buildings more elderly-friendly, architects can
incorporate this additional safety measure into the building design to
supplement the required minimum emergency exit for aiding vertical escape.

Every thing is true excepting  to mention that Ingstrom and associates got the technology from a stolen engineering package of Zephinie's vertical escape technology 20 years ago!  

Proofs show that Ingstrom used for years stolen engineering documents of the ZEC -EVZ including to illustrate the Ingstrom escape chute commercial brochures  
Exhibit # 7


Facsimile of a page that  Ingstrom used during the 80's to promote the Ingstrom escape chute .   
Ingstrom has not simply "imitated" the ZEC technology but systematically abused shamelessly in every details 
from the extremely wide and precise engineering  development managed by Zephinie in the period 1975 -1976.




Exhibit # 8


The illustrations used by Ingstrom in Exhibit #7 is found in the page No. 29 of a 55 pages of a internal  manual made by Pamias Ingeneria  S.A of Barcelona, Spain  in 1976 for Señalizacion Industriales S.A. and  EVZ including the  fundamental illustrations of the Technology designed in every details by G. Zephinie.  

Ingstrom abused of the 55 pages and of everything !    


More documents would eventually be added regarding  fallacious representations of the ZEC technology since 1980 

Please see also:

The Scandinavian pirates of the Zephinie vertical Escape Technology


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©  Copyright 1973, 2005 and following by Gerard J. Zephinie .