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ZEC components

Zephinie's original design of the twin sleeves concentric action remains the most simple and efficient vertical escape chute solution. The twin sleeves concentric action remains the most simple and efficient vertical escape chute solution

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3. AN INTERIOR TUBE stable in both warp and weft directions, designed to absorb the vertical force exerted by friction caused by the moving body and bear the whole weight in the event of a stoppage. The resistant tube is made of aromatic polyamide.

2. AN ELASTIC TUBE designed to regulate the speed of descending objects by stretching radially.

3, AN EXTERNAL HEAT resistant tube made of fiberglass able to withstand up to 800 degrees Celsius.

The composition of the ZEC system brings all kinds of guarantees from the safety point of view: protection against fire, very good strength, the best available life duration.

THE HEAT-RESISTING SHEATH. Is made of fiberglass material which is fire proof by nature. I

Between the heat-resisting sheath and the braking tube, air provides the thermal insulation of the chute because of its low thermal conduction.
After thermal saturation of the air, cooling by running water allows long duration utilization with flame con-tact.

Made of elastic material it fits the body whatever the bulk of the per-son, which allows a constant de-scent speed.

Owing to its synthetic material, namely the kevlar*, it has an elastic strength ten times higher than that of  steel: it can bear, in the event of a stop, the load of people contained at that time in the chute.

Breaking load : 14,000 Kg
Working load: 1,500 Kg

Some manufacturing know-how are confidential.    

Warning: those who have counterfeited for years the ZEC technology never understood some crucial manufacturing factors that can produce grave accidents.
We keep the sample of an Ingstrom chutes having occasioned a grave accident as evidence. We have also the original invoice of the product. Witnesses of the accident can confirm the facts.            

Historic Note:  ZEC technology has been one of the first extraordinary usage of Madame STEPHANIE Louise  KWOLEK  great invention first marketed in 1971 under the brand name Kevlar®, thanks to the cooperation of Dupont Laboratories of Geneva, Swiss, and Wilmington, USA, to the development of Zephinie 's new vertical evacuation technology in 1973. (see Dupont page )
Madame STEPHANIE Louise  KWOLEK's history.

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