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The Zephinie Escape Chute

Pioneer of high rise vertical mass evacuation technology since 1968


To be able to escape from a burning building or a structurally impaired building should be a human's right.

There is not technical impossibilities as many claim, but only ignorance or conflicts of interests  that deny this right

 Ignoring that something exists, is not a scientific method of evaluation.



1. - Fast and safe fire evacuation of any high rise building.

2. - Fast and safe mass evacuation of hospitals.

3. - Evacuation of any handicapped person, in any place.

4. - Oil tanker evacuation.

5. - Hundredfold performance of mobile ladders

6. - Worker evacuation in high-risk work places.

7. - Freeway evacuation in case of earthquake.

8. - Monorail and elevated track transportation.

Since 25 years, the Zephinie Escape Chute has definitively proven that high-rise buildings, or any kind of elevated structure, can be evacuated faster than by stairways between 2 to 10 times up in case of emergency.

The original "Evacuation Vertical Zephinie Multiple Entry " remains the unchallenged Vertical Fire Escape Technology, however a yet "unknown" fundamental alternative in architectural design safety.

High rise building and handicapped persons evacuation are in priority concerned.
All applications aim at the handicapped Persons Evacuation:
The General population has approximately 30% of it's citizens with some degrees of disadvantages regarding the use of stairways in cases of emergency.
The ZEC allows an equal evacuation performance for all the population, including blind persons. This fact has been demonstrated under the control of the French Government.
The Equal Access right should be extended to an equal Right of Egress in case of emergency.

Cannot you believe that it can be true????

If it was true, you can think that the WTC and many buildings in New York that are potential targets of terrorist attack would have been equipped with this unique system, in particular after the first 1993 attack of the WTC.

Want in first to make a visit of the site to have an idea about the technology.
Start the tour: Introduction to Zephinie fire escape technology , please follow the tour clicking "NEXT" at the page end. 
All information can be legally certify before the courts and testing laboratories.
A after read the information of the reasons that have motivated that this technology, that has been sold in Europe by a major American Corporation  during 25 years, still remains unknown by the millions Americans that work to the risk of their life in office towers in case of of terrorist attack of all sorts.
If officials lack to their duty in New York and everywhere otherwise, it is the duty of the citizens to remind to them, democratically to be responsible.
It is never easy, because an official truth have a very expensive politics cost of disavows, then they prefer to bury the fact that disturbs whatever could be the cost for the tax payer who make them confidence .

If you don't work daily in a tower, you often are obliged to share the risk like visitor.

If you think that it would be just for your security and the security of those that are you dear. The emergency is to act to avoid such evacuation disasters to be repeated in the USA.  

The study and test of this technology is an urgent matter for your security.

 Particularly New York has been considered by the security’s specialists a main terrorist target since the nations of the Arabs lost the last conventional war against Israel in the seventies.

I am not a citizen American, but I have accomplished my duty as if I was an American citizen fighting for years in USA to avoid similar tragedy has the one of the WTC, in vain.
please see
press release #1

Now it is to you, citizens of the USA, who are incumbent upon the responsibility to pursue the effort. Act, contacting:

The press local. 

Your local Fire Department.

Your local Representatives.  

Ask activists groups to participate.  

Tell your friends. 

A commercial society would possibly be able to sponsor the public information and demonstrations of the ZEC for a great profit of its public image.

English is my third language that I don't practice since nearly 10 years, I ask of forgive me some grammatical confusions and to help maybe to correct them
I expect from the fairness of all of you, to relay the enclosed information for an impartial assessment of it content.


Gerard Zephinie


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 sell the ZEC in Europe since 27 years!.

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Decades of stubborn wrong doing can't easily admitted:

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Architects you must know that ZEC can works perfectly over 100 floors and can eventually safely evacuate 1000 peoples per minutes. Feel free to drop me a line with any questions or comments.

(see Press Release)

Don't trust a ring of swindlers that have marketed illegally the ZEC technology for years. (see The Scandinavian pirates of the ZEC)

You are welcome to learn about the unique experience of the ZEC's Technology

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