The High-Rise Building Multiple Entry Vertical Escape Technology 

1968 - 2001

History will shows that:
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People that were trapped above the floor levels impacted  could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM, remaining operative over 25, in few minutes.
The Zephinie   Escape Chute (ZEC) 
can operate over 100 floors.  
Can evacuate up 1000 persons per minute, including handicapped ,  injured persons with the same average escape speed.
Ignorance or bad will
can't invalidate demonstrable 

Fire code enclosed ZEC escape chute 
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Historical Archives of the Zephinie High Rise
Vertical Escape Chute Technology 

The ZEC escape chute was acquired by United Technologies subsidiary  Ascenter Otis or  Otis France 


The ZEC-ME is only used for High-rise building Installation.

The ZEC-SE have been used exclusively one time in a 300 ft demonstration in 1974 to shows to the international press and 400 members of different branches of the French government, insurance and architects that the ZEC was a reality that works. 

ront page of the brochure of the OTIS escape chute France, 1976

Document:front page of the brochure of the OTIS escape chute France, 1976


It is important to mention that the ZEC-SE never has been authorized by the inventor Zephinie to be installed in any high-rise building as it shows the the photography above.
The ZEC-SE was only used for press information because the ZEC-ME don't allows spectacular exposure.

25 years ego we have analyzed and tested why any Single type Chute can be used safely over 30m (100ft) in public or business buildings.

Only inexperience and credulity can eventually motivate peoples to claim in 2001 the possibility to eventually evacuate 35 stories building with  some Chutes of the "single" type  


Bernard Faurobert Director to the Otis Manche d'Evacuation Department performing a Press meeting in 1978. 47 journalists were present.

The document says that Mr. Faugeron President of Otis France ( also president of Otis West European Operation) had personally exposed the reason of the creation of the Otis Safety division and the technical  operation of the fast evacuation systems by chute (manche)
Mr. Lecœur VP of Otis France new activities also exposed the reason of the company new activity.    
Origin of the Document: Ascenter Otis news letter.
This and many other historical documents, shows that UTC-Otis was officially promoting a new technology of public interest in Europe, meantime the board of UTC censured the information in the USA.
The new technology has obviously of same Public interest value in the USA. 


The included documents prove that United Technologies Corp's European subsidiaries have backed with their multinational image guaranty the marketing the ZEC technology since 1975 , including installing the ZEC-ME in some of the taller buildings of Europe.

Comment directed to the American journalists:

The evidence that this unique type of equipment have been marketed by a major American Corporation since 25 years in Europe  should collateral the evidence that we are not talking about the kind of Mickey Mouse escape systems as so far only mentioned by American media and wakeup the expected sense of ethic of eventually some American journalists to finally investigate the outrageous case of secret conflict of interests leading to blackout of the yet only available escape technology of public interest.  

Why the board of United Technologies has banished in 1977_79  the ZEC technology  to be available to the American public , vetoing the initiative of the  OTIS Corp, American subsidiary to try to market the new technology in the USA,       

Obviously UTC have been obliged to take this American anti-public interest position under the pressure of compelling reasons.

UTC must be compelled to reveal the secret. Now that thousands have lost their lives.

Any company in the USA will give up to try the hundreds of millions potential market of a new exclusive technology 17 years secured by first class US patents, if not scarred to the point of forbidding to mention to the American Media that UTC was marketing this public interest technology in Europe.       

Who scared UTC, How and Why?

Front page of 1975 catalogue of the
 Manche d'Evacuatio OTIS

 This catalogue was first edited by the Evacuation Vertical Zephinie (EVZ)  company in 1974 .

Ascenter OTIS S.A.  acquired from Gerard Zephinie the exclusive license for the French territories  the very same day that United Technologies Corp acquired the OTIS Elevator Corporation the 18 of December 1975 .

2 years later the United Technologies Corp. will veto the effort of Mr. Huber Faure President, at that time of the OTIS Elevator Corp to introduce the new technology in the USA
United Technologies Corp never have given, as so far, an official reason for forbidding OTIS Corp to market the ZEC in the USA.  However the OTIS Elevator Corp  were authorized to market the ZEC technologies in all countries, but the USA.

Archive documents show that OTIS - UTC has offered to market the ZEC Technology in many countries, Zephinie will not accept in regard to the unfair boycott of the new technology,  imposed by the Board of United Technologies  

Note to the journalists:

If you eventually call the Otis Elevator Corp or United Technologies Corp in the USA, they eventually answer; not to know about any Vertical Escape Chute eventually marketed by the OTIS Corp. or any subsidiaries of United Technologies

All  French news papers and Press Agencies AFP, AP, etc, have archives documents regarding the
EVZ or Chaussette. or Manche Otis of SYVAC
or MEVO in Spain

Otis in France (Ascenter Otis. S.A. 
Depart. SYVAC Manche d'Evacuation

Or Otis in Spain (Zardoya OTIS. S.A. )
Depart. Manga de Evacuacion Vertical Otis (MEVO)




The February 1974 demonstration was exclusively to introduce the the new technology to the international press

  The Zephinie High-Rise Vertical Escape Chute or ZEC- Multiple Entry is completely fire code enclosed and absolutely impossible to report in a spectacular manner like the system called ZEC -Single Entry    

The Catalogue was including the definition of the ZEC-ME
As reproduced below.

This particular type of installation show that a 2 units stairway can be converted in  5 units stairways-ZEC using only 19% of the total area of the stairway


Front page of the OTIS catalogue 1980-1996


Zoomed  image of the page # 1of the Otis Catalogue

page # 1of the Otis Catalogue

Zoomed  image of the the Zardoya OTIS Catalogue


 Zardoya OTIS Catalogue


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