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The Scandinavian pirates of the Zephinie vertical Escape Technology

Here we are not talking about a common product imitation, but of the use of a full engineering and marketing package obtained through illegal means.


What follows is a very brief summary of the development of the illegal competition since 1982: (A book will explain in detail the incredible history of the ZEC)

Twenty years ago, some pirates started to counterfeit the world-patented product from Finland, where at that time no civilized international patent regulation was in effect.

Here we are not talking about a common product imitation, but of the use of a full engineering and marketing package obtained through illegal means.

Over one million dollars had been invested at that time for the development of the ZEC. In 1980, illegally made photocopies of the full documentation of the first seven-year period of development finally landed in Finland. Later the forgery started to be commercialized from Sweden; however, the ZEC was fully protected by Swedish patents.

Actions to stop the felonious activity were engaged as soon as evidence was collected. To avoid public exposure of its illegal activities, the SBAB Svanka Brand AB asked for a settlement and signed the on September 9, 1982, a legal contract of license for the territories of Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The contract specifically forbade the exportation to any country without the agreement of the licensor. It obliged the licensee to stop any activities and return all technical documentation in case of breach of said contract.

Result: The SBAB Svanka Brand AB had dishonored all clauses of the contract!

They had never paid a dime and whatís more, they never paid for the purchase of the Ascender Otis France made equipment including the ZEC-Mobile equipment. The equipment had been used to gain official prestige and eventually claim that they were the inventors of the technology!

That was not enough! They would use the material to adjust the manufacture of forgeries. To add to the injury, one of the artists of the ring patented the forgery and publicly sold ZEC equipment for years.

Ingstrom and some phantom like companies, using the ATI acronym, formed a ring of illegal distribution of ZEC technology in many countries.

Undoubtedly they can now proudly proclaim to the world to have been in the vertical fire escape business since 1982.

Yet, many businesses associated with the Scandinavian ring had sold many thousands of the forged ZEC technology equipment during the patent protection period.

As a result, this particular assortment of peoples had gained an important position in the emerging vertical escape market.

Even counterfeited and manufactured with some competently installed flaws and defaults, the ZECís extraordinary characteristics have been recognized in many countries.

Not to mention that in Korea, a similar case has occurred.

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