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The Zephinie Escape Chute
Pioneer of high rise vertical mass evacuation technology

 ZEC Fire Rescue Credits

ZEC definitely saves lives: with less than 5,000 units globally installed in the 80's the ZEC technology was credited of 49 rescues in serious fire condition in the first ten years of commercialization. 



(Exibit #1)

News reports in Spain crediting the MEVO™ of having saved lives 

A resident of a 13 stories building in Ageciras, Spain report to the press how he did escape a fire situation carrying his  baby daughter on his shoulders and motivated his neighbors to do the same carrying their children on the shoulders.

It is said that Mr. Fermando Breseño Peña was the first person in the world to use the "Otis" Vertical Escape Chute in actual fire emergency situation.

The events were reacted for the Spanish press allowing the UTC-Otis local spokesman to declare to the Spanish press that:

 The  Otis" Vertical Escape Chute has NOT height limit to evacuate 20 to 30 persons per minutes, including unconscious person  eventually across fire zones.



 The national Spanish Press reported the first fire emergency self rescue of a family from the 13th story of an apartment building, using the "Manga de evacuacion Otis - Mevo" in Algeciras, Spain.

Article from the newspaper: el Sol,  April 5, 1881      


Official Certification of the 3/18/1981 events signed
by Algecira's City Fire Commissioner Silvia Alonzo Ubiera and Carlos Ortiz de Zarate  Municipal Expert.


Real time picture of rescue action of the Vertical escape chute MEVO of UTC- Otis Spain of  during the fire of the "Gran Hotel Sarria of Barcelona, Spain.
Clip from the major Spanish newspaper: "La Vanguardia" of june 7th 1987.


Panoramic view of the Gran Hotel Sarria Evacuation.
A firefighter lost his life during the firefight

Other Mevo vertical fire rescue
have been registered in Spain.

Macro of the MEV0 in action
during  the fire.


the statements that the: Otis Vertical Escape Chute has NOT height limit to evacuate 20 to 30 persons per minutes, including unconscious person  eventually across fire zones, has been made during 27 years by UTC-Otis Employees of all the hierarchy levels to the press and it is present in thousands of printed commercial documents involving the legal responsibility of UTC-Otis' business statement in many countries including: France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Cuba and Dominican Republic where UTC-Otis has installed thousands of ZEC Vertical Escape Chute technology. 

The US fire authorities that cagily slander the ZEC technology saying that it doesn't works for years never had sustaining their  allegations by writing to our knowledge.
Thounsands victims of non evacuation should finally compel the fire authorities to make public the results of official test they have performed to sustain the allegations that eventually the ZEC doesn't works



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