The Zephinie Escape Chute (ZEC)
Evacuation verticale Zephinie (EVZ)
Sistema de evacuacion Zephinie (SEZ)
Official licensee having marketed Zephine's evacuation technologies:
Since Dec: 1975 the United technologies Corp's Subsidiaries Otis Elevator of France: Otis France (Manche Otis  "Syvac" )  
Since Sep. 1976  the United technologies Corp's Subsidiaries Otis Elevator of France: Otis de Espana  (Manga de evacuacion Vertical Otis  "MEVO" )  Otis also sold installations to Cuba, Rep. Dominican,  Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Etc   
Delinquent distributors pirated the technology  years ago and  sold thousand   installations of low quality copies compared with original  techniques in many countries  including Poland, Suede, Finland ,  Australia , Korea, Singapore,  Etc ... 

Pioneering High Rise Vertical mass Evacuation since 1968

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Suicidal air attacks on tall skyscrapers will remain an easy and terribly effective means of terrorism,” warns the inventor of escape-chute technology, which has been ignored in New York City.

A 30-year old controversy on evacuation of skyscrapers could
eventually become a national security secret


Sandy, Utah, February , 2006 -- The 30-year old controversy on skyscraper evacuation could become a national security secret as investigating any potential wrongdoing involving official or corporate responsibility could be considered an un-American activity.

Very few press reports ever mentioned the WTC evacuation problem -- yet there is official self-satisfaction on the issue and none have mentioned the infamous 1977 NY state local Law # 5 forbidding the evacuation of skyscrapers.

“In fact we are talking about a critical aspect of civilian defense in war time,” said Gerard Zephinie, inventor of the Otis sleeve technology that allows mass numbers of people to escape from buildings. “Suicidal air attacks on tall skyscrapers will remain an easy and terribly effective means of terrorism.”

Back in the 1970s, stopping progress on a means to evacuate skyscrapers led to a multi- billion-dollar bonanza for a fortunate few. The resulting official "non -evacuation" policy eventually killed ten times more people than terrorism was able to inflict directly, according to Zephinie.

Zephinie’s escape chute is also known in Europe as the “American chute”, because it has been sold by the famous United Technology Corporation’s (UTC) subsidiary, Otis Elevator Corporation, in France and Spain since 1975.

Since the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center, Zephinie has challenged the official New York Fire Department position to an open public debate. But the press has silenced the call.

American officials have been hiding from public scrutiny the existence a common, free and publicly available technology of alternative evacuation which makes it possible to escape from tall buildings -- and this could lead to more disasters.

The danger has been known and quantified for 30 years. New York City authorities knew that a terrorist air attack could block the 30 highest floors of the WTC . Only the date of the drama was unknown.

Nevertheless, the New York Fire Department opposed and continue to oppose the only alternative to give people a chance out if stairways are neutralized.

Undoubtedly, mentioning the existence of the now common French technology, which is used in tall buildings in Europe and around the World, could lead the American public to question the New York City officials for adopting a policy to never test this unique alternative means of evacuation.

Twenty years ago, the new technique of evacuation could have been installed in the WTC and guaranteed by one of the most prestigious U.S. corporations – Otis Elevator.

Demonstrating publicly the product in the US would unavoidably expose decades of systematic official lies about the impossibility of emergency mass evacuation.

Who shall have finally enough gallantry for marketing Zephinie evacuation technologies in the USA and face eventual retaliations from those controlling the East Coast fire business?

The storyboard includes a full sampling of sordid business practice classics. The goodies leading to the death of free-enterprise and free competition: huge hostile takeovers, discrete buyout of an entire segment of an industry, hidden lobbying of city, state and
government officials. Add to that ... the Mormon church's interventionism on business, justice and lawyers, and twenty years later -- a boycott by the US Media.

So far
74,498  people have read and 1,384 press outlets downloaded our last October 2004 press releases. Yet no major American mass media organization has taken an interest in following up this story.

Zephinie has been told he could pay to get the news out. One independent news producer asked Zephinie for up to $100,000 to guarantee the deserved national notoriety to his story ... eventually a good deal for a sponsor willing to share an honest notoriety.

But the inventor does not plan to give up until the American people have a chance to hear the facts about escaping from tall skyscrapers and how their government is not allowing them to know about the best choices.

“I have the stubbornness and the strength of an idealist fighting an injustice,” said Zephinie. “I will keep fighting. I believe that this story is a great example of the last 30 years of accelerated degeneration of the free society we defended in the 1950’s. There has been subtle and constant degradation of free competition and now an emerging general conformism of the press on censorship.”


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