The Zephinie Escape Chute (ZEC)
Evacuation verticale Zephinie (EVZ)
Sistema de evacuacion Zephinie (SEZ)
Official licensee having marketed Zephine's evacuation technologies:
Since Dec: 1975 the United technologies Corp's Subsidiaries Otis Elevator of France: Otis France (Manche Otis  "Syvac" )  
Since Sep. 1976  the United technologies Corp's Subsidiaries Otis Elevator of France: Otis de Espana  (Manga de evacuacion Vertical Otis  "MEVO" )  Otis also sold installations to Cuba, Rep. Dominican,  Belgium, Luxembourg, Portugal, Etc   
Delinquent distributors pirated the technology  years ago and  sold thousand   installations of low quality copies compared with original  techniques in many countries  including Poland, Suede, Finland ,  Australia , Korea, Singapore,  Etc ... 

Pioneering High Rise Vertical mass Evacuation since 1968

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9/11 evacuation disaster was predictable on terrorist attack.

Sandy, Utah,(PRWEB) September 11,2006 -- Five years were necessary to arouse some doubts about official satisfaction on the 9/11 WTC's evacuation issue... How long would it takes to request information from United Technologies Corp about the hidden existence of the Zéphinié multiple entry vertical mass evacuation technology renamed Otis evacuation sleeve in Europe in the 70's.

UTC-Otis Elevator publicly declared the new evacuation technique operational without any limit in height in Europe 25 years ago.
If such claims were not legitimate ... how could UTC-Otis elevator legally explain having installed for decades ... an emergency evacuation technique in hospitals, international hotels, etc... that does not work! Emphasise Gerard Zéphinié, the inventor of the 1968-1973 first mass evacuation technology. Adding: so ... how did Otis pay royalties for 20 years ... for a technique that the NY fire authorities never tested, but have declared as "Not working" since 1977!

Any American fire engineering business having to deal with NYC authorities ... do not need to understand how the technique works, to joint chorus with the NYFD's opinion.
Who really needs embarrassments through scientific evidence and assay about a commune and too inexpensive a technology ... if denigration is plenty to keep business as usual.

Zéphinié remains struggling in vain asking for years, asking American journalists to reopen the controversy about skyscraper evacuation,
opposing public interest as demonstrated and the NY Fire authority's opinion.
Thirty years ago, NY, Official argument stated; it is "impossible" to timely evacuate skyscraper ... because there is not enough stairway in a tall tower (they forget their key argument).
Consequently, NY skyscrapers should be fire safe enough for people to stay and work during fire, business is business.

The "non evacuation option" has been the rule for 30 years in NY .... That explains the 9/11 evacuation disaster ... The NYC authorities never has competently planed a run for your life evacuation of the WTC, even after 1993, because the NYFD believed in their own credo... stay in place.
You can find the origin of the official position about "non evacuation" archives in NYFD's publication during the 70's at NY downtown public library.

I feel free to defend a life saving commoné technology.
I feel free to declare that I did my duty to prevent the expected WTC evacuation drama, offering a unique expertise on new evacuation technology. Zéphinié, says... adding: demonstrating the evacuation capacity of my inventions in the USA until now, means revealing to millions that the only skyscraper evacuation technique has been censured by special interest in the country since 1977. Who shall dare take the challenge along with the yet open billion dollars business?

Zéphinié presently does not market his inventions ... dedicates his time to philosophical research on alternative economic projects.
Eventually Franchise of know how on Zéphinié's evacuation technologies are available.

Gerard J. Zephinie

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