The Zephinie Escape Chute
Pioneering High Rise Vertical mass Evacuation since 1968



Demonstration and press conference about the ZEC-Mass evacuation technique on Friday October 15th. Starting 11 AM until 15 PM , Lerma, Edo de Mexico. ( 30 miles from Mexico City)


For immediate release: 

Lerma , Edo de México, October 7th 2004. Demonstration and press conference about the ZEC-Mass evacuation technique on Friday October 15th in Lerma, Edo de Mexico. Starting 11 AM until 15 PM ( 30 miles from Mexico City)


Please Contact us if you want to attend the presentation.


ZEC-ME or Zephinie Escape Chute - Mass Evacuation technique remains the only mass evacuation alternative technique since 1973.


Our intention is not proving that a common technique million times tested works. A product officially certified and marketed by a US multinational overseas for over 25 years.


We are making available for the press a ZEC-ME demo set.  ... If still in October 2004, some American journalists remain skeptic about the merit of silencing embarrassing news … They  are welcome, as are, of course, all journalists of the world.


Sep 11, 3000 lost their life about one hour and half after the attack.


If the assault haven't kill those innocent peoples. So, who or what have killed them?


It is obvious, but, not proper for the propaganda machine, to admit that not enough and inefficient means of evacuation have converted a terrible terrorist attack into a 10 times more lethal and horrifying death trap?

Not to forget: terrorist attacks were expected anytime for years.



European democracies consider government responsive of public safety and civilian defence. In fact of everything that money theoretically should not buy.

However, in America you have to find eventually charity money to suit the Barons disrespecting everything, if not huge R.O.I.! Vive le ROI!


America is setting up an abandon of the 18th century's illustration of Republican Government role. A reversion toward a conservative model of society . Like the late Holy German Empire. Election and/or discreet sharing of the imperial power among fraternities of feudal Barons with the blessing justice of the holy Christian inquisition. Alleluia!


Corporate Barons control Imperial holy and evil accuracy.

It result that Mass media "Patriotic" conformism with official " Truths" avoid for three years to question mass evacuation problem in war times. 


Could 3000 deaths resulting of non-evacuation, be avoided ?... Only questioning  the facts can help avoiding future evacuation catastrophes. But... Consistent unfairness, dissimulation ... Conspiracy of conflicting interests   versus human interests, are the non-officially designed "evils' having contributed to Sep 11 non-evacuation drama.



When hiding evidences is considered a Patriotic duty ... Democracy is under attack.



Gerard Zephinie






Zephinie remains for over 30 years the original competence about mass evacuation alternative able to challenge official truth about Tall Building evacuation in the USA and every here else.


Zephinie don't commercialise ZEC technologies for years .. So there is no money to buy the media or everything you can buy with money for ever.


we can technically support  anyone willing to sponsor a nation wide public demonstration of  ZEC-ME in the USA.


The still huge business potential of ZEC-ME hopefully will contribute to set up a non-for-profit foundation promoting liberal alternative thinking.


Zephinie works for years on a philosophical project about Alternative Economy.




PS. I apologize for all English imperfections in the text.


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Please see our previous PR at: Open Letter to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - Tall Towers Evacuation in Case of Extreme Emergency Subject: Sep.11, WTC's evacuation issues and alternative solutions to secure effective mass evacuation. Special interests have silenced for years, using intimidation, the diffusion in the USA of an unique evacuation technique, million times tested under the responsibility of a Major US Corporation overseas for 20 years.



Gerard J. Zephinie

Inventor - Industrial Designer



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México: Plaza B. Juares 3, Edo Mexico 52000

Tel: (Mexico) 52 728 281 1441

Cell. (México) 52 722 164 1183

Tel: (USA) 1 801562 1541

Tel: (France) 331 41 78 88 06


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Two years efforts to inform the American opinion remain silenced by the Media in the USA

Censure or what ever you name it, couldn't for ever conceal the evidences that skyscrapers evacuation possibility was demonstrated publicly a million times oversea, no matter the interests involved to silence  the ZEC technologies in the USA .

Internet makes impossible to feign to ignore the existence of an evacuation technology marketed oversea by a major of 500 fortune Corporation since 1975, but any press articles on the subject since Sep.11 ever mentioned the ZEC-ME   

Since Oct 2001 thousands press releases and letter to the editor asking to inform the American opinion about this alternative life saving technology were silenced.

Sorry , we have not money to buy the media to inform the American peoples that put at risk their lives , working every day office having not means of escape in case of attack, in a officially declared war time.
Sorry, we have not money to buy the press for publishing NON commercial information:
Because we are not in business.
Because our business was sunk by events that obviously the US media prefer avoiding to investigate after Sep 11 official truth.



An estimated  500<1000  site visits exactly coincided with mailing to the US Media
Of that incidentally resulted a complete silence.



Release # 1 October 7, 2001

--Testimony by the inventor of the 25-year-old Vertical Escape technology.
--Revelations of hidden sordid facts involving NYC officials and Big Brother’s influence.

Release # 2  Late October  2001

This is actually a matter of International Public Safety awareness.

Release # 3 November first 2001

In memory of the thousands, that could have escaped a horrific death and shall ever be "exclusively" the victims of an irresponsible failure to equip the World Trade Center towers with the only scientifically proven method of technology of mass evacuation available  since 1975.

Release # 4 May 6, 2002

Ignoring that something exists, is not a scientific method of evaluation.

Release # 5 July  2002

Escape from a high-rise disaster is a human right which concerns everyone.


April 22,  2004

Open Letter to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - Tall Towers Evacuation in Case of Extreme Emergency

Subject: Sep.11, WTC's evacuation issues and alternative solutions to secure effective mass evacuation. Special interests have silenced for years, using intimidation, the diffusion in the USA of an unique evacuation technique, million times tested under the responsibility of a Major US Corporation overseas for 20 years.

Sandy, UT (PRWEB) April 22, 2004 -- Open letter to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. Subject: Sep.11, WTC's evacuation issues and alternative solutions to secure effective mass evacuation in case of extreme emergency.

My name is Gerard Zephinie. I am a French born industrial designer, inventor and developer of the Zephinie Escape Chute technologies since 1968. Author of the worldwide patented invention: Evacuation Verticale Zephinie a Entrees Multiples, especially designed in 1973 to secure evacuation in case of terrorist attack on tall buildings. (abbreviated in English as ZEC-ME)

Most of Sep-11, 2800 deaths in NY are related to an expected "non" evacuation consequence. The non evacuation factor is not addressed by public opinion because some interest groups wrongly affirm that there is no proven alternative for tall building evacuation.

Special interests have silenced for years, using intimidation, the diffusion in the USA of a unique evacuation technique, million times tested under the responsibility of a Major US Corporation overseas for 20 years.

Please see 60 pages of international historical records: <>

(Temporary site backup at:

<> )

(all information can be cited in Court records)

It was possible to empty completely the towers in less than one hour. Years of records and available tests will confirm this evidence and help to avoid future evacuation disasters. Official self-satisfaction on Sep.11 evacuation is deceptive . . . The Iceberg has sunk the Titanic but 99% peoples could have escaped if the life boats were available.

Thirty months of restless efforts to herald tall buildings' evacuation problems and the urgency to remedy to this essential safety breach, have been rudely unacknowledged and silenced.

For decades experts have considered the NY WTC as the prime terrorists' target. Tall buildings cannot meet commune evacuation standards. Confidential studies (1968-75) estimated up to five thousands deaths will occur in case of terrorist attack or uncontrolled fire. Insurance computed primes in those figures.

New York Port Authority and the NYFD have systematically opposed retrofiting the only available escape system (marketed and guaranteed overseas by Otis Elevator Corp. since 1975)

The initial French company included a famous honorary member of the NYFD having reported to commissionaire O'Hagan on the development of the ZEC technologies for years. Consequently NYFD never ignored or could doubt in 1977 that ZEC-ME was operative and already 100,000 times tested and certified by the French government. In 1975 the ZEC was proudly marketed overseas by a famous US Corporation until patents exclusivity ended in 1996.

Please see: <>

1993 . Attack on the WTC confirms for years, predicted evacuation's problem.

1995-96. NY rebuked our effort to introduce ZEC-ME from the WTC of Mexico.

2001. 2800 deaths.

It is hard breaking off a 25-years old vicious circle. ZEC-ME is the only available tall building evacuation technique since 1973. It is impossible to erase or hide forever the quarter century long history of the ZEC-ME in the USA. Ergo, it is impossible admitting that the ZEC-ME works in NY without uncovering a long conspiracy to disqualify the only usable alternative to stairways' evacuation.

A public exposure could stop this situation.

All our press releases have been silenced since Oct 2001.

We have the fortitude of 37 years of matchless proficiency on vertical evacuation alternative solutions. Our singular competence is essential to reopen the public debate in the USA about the silenced controversy.



Gerard Zephinie

PS. I apologize for all English imperfections in the text.





 Press Release # 1   


This is actually a matter of International Public Safety awareness.


--Testimony by the inventor of the 25-year-old Vertical Escape technology.

--Revelations of hidden sordid facts involving NYC officials and Big Brother’s influence.


Lerma, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico. October 7, 2001. Gerard Zephinie a 58-year-old French Industrial designer, Inventor and founder of the Zephinie Vertical Escape Chute (ZEC) Technology’s testimony: The ZEC could have rescued 1000’s from the World Trade Center towers before the structural collapse.

I do feel truly sorry and revolted, declares Zephinie.
I feel truly sorry because thousands could have escaped from death using the ZEC during those crucial minutes. I do not have sufficient chronological data to make an exact analytical evaluation. However, the tragic indication is available: thousands lost their lives because it was impossible to evacuate the WTC towers before the structural collapse of the buildings occurred. The lack of adequate means of evacuation will be a determining factor in the final analysis of the cause of casualties resulting from the terrorist attacks.

I am revolted, says Zephinie, because the 25-year-old Zephinie Multi-Entry vertical Escape basic technology design is the only system that can allow up to 1000 people per minute to evacuate 100-story towers or higher. In particular, the threat of terrorist’s attacks on high-rise towers worldwide has been argued by Zephinie since 1975, as a determining factor to retrofit the ZEC. What Zephinie affirms is that: The thousands of people that were trapped over the floor levels impacted by the planes could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM. In addition, the ZEC should have been retrofitted in the WTC, some 15 to 20 years ago. A building of this high-rise structure should have been equipped with approximately 30 units of ZEC-EM.

Zephinie underlines a non-regulated, probability for potentially losing control of a fire in building towers had always existed. This was evidenced by the tragedy in the World Trade Center towers. The failure to allow the installation or retrofitting of the ZEC by New York officials, spelled out that everything was not done to secure the safety of human life and eventually resulted in the condemnation of thousands of people to a most horrible death. The story doesn’t end there. It is appropriate to mention, that before the use of cellular phones, some buildings were equipped with automatic switches to shut down all telephone communication in case of fire to avoid widespread panic. The incapability of mass evacuation of people trapped by fire in high-rise buildings continues to be a basic ethical problem - one that I feel the ZEC could easily solve.

This is not a lousy greedy business statement, added Zephinie. In fact, the ZEC-ME was the only proven massive escape system available. Now, the US Patents are of the public domain.

Anyone having observed the behavior of a steel beam in a laboratory fire test, can’t expect that a steel structure bearing some dozens of thousands of tons of load capacity could eventually stand more than one hour. Under thermal concentrations, the effects of dozens of tons of combustible material would ignite because the initial fuel explosion. After half an hour of evacuation, the danger of the building collapsing should have been considered, because adequate resources were not available to cool down the steel structure in a technically acceptable amount of time. Unfortunately, not all high-rise buildings have been designed to allow a full extreme emergency evacuation until 1975, it was not possible. The building was well designed, but wasn’t designed for evacuation as had confirmed one of the architects. The US Fire Safety regulation doesn’t consider high-rise building emergency evacuation desirable. The non-evacuation option was a multi-billion dollar business potential assurance for the safety industry in 1977, through the NY Local Law #5. (See note #4) What is good for big brother’s stock is evidently good for America.

This is not the exclamation of a quixotic crackpot who has invented a miraculous Mickey Mouse like evacuation system over the weekend in his garage. Zephinie accounts for over 30 years of international involvement in the development of the high-rise building vertical evacuation system. He is the author of a dozen basic designs and methods of application, control, etc. and he founded the integrated base of the Zephinie Vertical Evacuation technology.

Why has this apparently unique life saving technology never been officially examined or tested by fire authorities, particularly in New York, solely as an object of scrutiny by national associations responsible for matters of public safety regulations and standards in the USA? How could the American Safety Industry apparently ignore a US patented invention of this sort?

Holy greediness versus ethics are the key words of this incredible case of ZEC’s fate in the USA, answers Zephinie: It is a complex and exemplary case of censorship of alternative technology and official "blackout" to preserve the stability of a market sector practically dominated by a sole corporation composed of buy-outs and mergers. Key national industries and interests dominate the US Sprinkler and Fire Rescue industry.

The case presents a heavy suspicion of conspiracy involving some major US corporations and elected officials. This conspiracy includes premeditation of omission and or unfair actions, such as intimidating decent competitive companies not to sell the ZEC in the USA. Witnesses can confirm the facts.

Why have you denied the revelation of ZEC technology for 20 years to the American Public’s opinion? To save the international image of the ZEC, replies Zephinie!

Following the MGM grand fire in February 1981, the CBS 60-Minute team offered to expose the case of ZEC’s boycott before the American opinion. This was following a "That is Incredible" production shot in Paris, France in December 1980. Subsequently, a top officer of the Otis European operation in Paris, informed me in a friendly manner that any public disclosure regarding UTC censure in the US will oblige all of UTC-Otis European companies to immediately drop ZEC commercialization. In 1981, ZEC was then only a 6-year old proven technology and a United Technologies’s spokesperson declaring: Our European subsidiaries stopped commercialization of the Zephinie invention in Europe. Sorry, no comment would have been a practically irreparable issue for the US and international image and the ZEC.

Press support in the US had never been a problem. In 1978, Doubleday was interested in publishing the yet 12-year old adventures of the ZEC invention at the time.

The logic was to expect a legal period long enough to avoid any involvement of the UTC European subsidiaries possibility of denigration of the quality of the product.

In 1981, yet any media exposure could not but lead to the fact of denunciation of suspect behavior in the zone of influence of the extremely powerful NY fire commission in office at that time.

The problem was not, then to inform the key actors of the US safety market, underlines Zephinie. They knew the ZEC was technically an unchallengeable method of Vertical massive evacuation. Because of that fact, there was a particular reason for those gentlemen to block, at all cost, the diffusion of an alternative high-rise technique of evacuation in the USA.

I had documents and witness that could confirm that the fire department of NYC and ATO (Figgie International ) was informed of the successful development of the ZEC since 1975.

How can you explain why anyone should try to help the ZEC project in America?

When I first went to New York in August 1977, recalls Zephinie, I had to rely on a very short cash flow and a language barrier. I had learned to speak a somewhat broken English in exactly ninety hours. However, in a matter of weeks, I was been able to gather great help from the right American citizens and decent corporations. That has generated enough hope to persist in the fight for 16 years until I was forced to give up exhausted and broke. This illustrates the power of this type of sordid blocking.

The president of the National Association of Retired Fire Fighters of America had been among the first enthusiastic supporters to try to fix the situation. One month later, he called me to a meeting in his office in the basement of Bloomingdale’s where he told me, I really am sorry, Gerard, I am obliged to quit our project, including not personally meeting with you again!

Walter Keede, the leader of the Safety Chemical US industry also had responded positively in 1978 to market the ZEC in the USA. Not being able or organized to perform the task of installation, he suggested that a national elevator company like Otis, Westinghouse or Dovers should take over that process, all of them having been contracted to join with Walter Keede. None of them would take a chance of getting into trouble with the safety authorities of the state of NY.

Later, an influential members of the New York City Jewish community, including major law firms, bankers and close friends of Mayer Koch, tried their best to help. But NY fire authorities vetoed any initiative, including those coming from the NYC Mayer’s office.

Finally, fire chief, Baron of El Secondo, California, who was the sole unique American fire chief to have ever expressed an intellectual curiosity regarding the ZEC, asked Zephinie to come to California. Seven counties of fire chief’s, including the illustrious L.A. downtown fire chief, Burn, the victor of the First Interstate bank tower fire, joined chief Baron to give his moral support to Zephinie. The Red Cross chapter of California would also attest to and support the ZEC.

Predominant west coast companies such as Martin Marrieta Corp and The Signal Corp also tried, but had to give up, considering the opposition on the east coast.

It is impossible to mention all of the hundreds of good American citizens who had been very supportive, thinking that the ZEC was good stuff for America, including the great powers of Los Vegas. Not to forget that first acknowledgment goes to the Dupont of Nemours Corp for its generous and sincere commitment to help manufacture the ZEC in cooperation with the British Coultaud Ltd in 1973. They were right to think that the ZEC could have helped to make the day for many lives on the 11th of September 2001.

After surviving many extraordinaire experiences, beside the ZEC adventure, Zephinie concludes, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my time life experience to fighting for the diffusion of alternative options. I am actually building the  site, a non-profit, open project dedicated to divulging and promoting alternative thinking.

Note: 1-The unusual 33-year-old history of ZEC includes many countries and hundreds of actors, interacting, making any form of resume difficult. In fact the ZEC’s US history is long and complex, as could be the subject matter of a 16 yearlong TV series.

Note: 2-The ZEC press support references:

The collaboration of the European masse media has been an essential help in delivering news concerning the vertical Escape Chute technology. The Evacuation Vertical Zephinie (EVZ) bestowed by the French press "La chausette," the "Zephinie sock" in English, will remain the most successful and popular national PR operations in the French annals of the 70’s.

Hundreds of documents remain available in the archives of main press agencies. More than a thousand first rate media announcements including press, TV, radio have been published in 46 countries in the period between 1973-80. Newsweek and Popular Science have been particularly supportive in the USA. Eight hundred press reports were collected in the first four years of operation. TV shows were broadcasted in 47 countries several times and hundreds of local TV shows have been ran in France, Spain, Belgium, etc. A movie production used the National popularity of the ZEC. The BBC’s World of Tomorrow ran a full segment on the subject in 1978. The French Foreign Ministry has used the ZEC for years, as an example of French Technology Creativeness.

Note: 3- Hard facts about the ZEC:

3.01- The ZEC was undoubtedly the most popular invention of the 70’s in France.

1,000,000 people have tested the ZEC under French government supervision until 1987.

Actually it is estimated that over 2 million people have tested the ZEC from 2 stories up to 60 stories.

3.02- So far, the ZEC has been installed in approximately 10,000 buildings in some 20 countries. Pirates of the technology in Asia performed many installations.

The ZEC is in use in governmental properties and/or agencies of the following countries: Belgium, Cuba, France, Holland, Israel, Korea, Luxembourg, Mexico, Spain and the United States (A ZEC-SE was installed in the US Embassy in Paris in 1976).

Many multinational corporations have been utilizing the ZEC for more than 10 years, including A.C.E., British Petroleum, CIBY-ERGEY, Dow Chemical, ESSO, Hoeschst, Honeywell, IBM, Nestle, etc.

3.03- Official reference: The ZEC was installed in some 30 socio-economic sectors

International patents covering the inventions are a actually of Public domain and free to use, however, the technology requires long experience of know how.

Technical information other than the general description, which is available in the web site, would only be available under a consulting agreement with Mr. Zephinie.

4- The New York down town public library holds many collections, including hundreds of publications regarding the hard battled local Law N.5, see also:





Press release No.2



This is actually a matter of International Public Safety awareness.

Lerma, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico. November 2001
Gerard Zephinie declare:  After 50 days of analyzing the past quarter century of events of the Zephinie Escape technology (ZEC), I am motivated by the massacre of over 5,000 peoples (numbers estimated at the time)  working in the World Trade Center towers:

It is demonstrable that particular interests on the scale of $billions, have motivated some major US fire safety companies to influence those in charge of the legal, ethic and professional duty to care for US public safety, to systemically avoid the process of testing and scientifically assessing a absolutely new concept of high-rise building evacuation on a massive scale.

The dossier I have to prove my point is technically rigorous, and it is in regard to US and international common laws abiding the fundamentals of concepts of professional responsibility.

Unfortunately, the case never could be submitted to the federal court, because it was a matter of a public-business conspiracy against a non-American competing product. However, the parents of the massacred victims and insurance companies would find grounds for multiple levels of "imprudence."

Actually, I do not have the whole product to sale and am penniless for having been driven out of business for many years.

However, I do think for having dedicated 16 years of my life fighting in the USA, I deserve to give millions of Americans in particular, and all humans in general who work daily in potentially high-rise death traps, the scientifically undisputable and proven means of emergency evacuation from any building of any height. I request a fair opportunity to expose to public American opinion, the 25-year story of the ZEC in the USA.

I declare a challenge in televised public debate: the president of the Figgie International Corp, the NYC Fire Commissionaire and the president of the NFPA, and any other person or group(s) willing to take up the gauntlet, to publicly declare that the Zephinie Multiple Entry Vertical High-Rise Escape Chute (ZEC-ME), could not technically evacuate safely 5,000 people (including 500 invalid or unconscious people) in 20 minutes from a multiple story office tower like the late WTC.

I call for any Association and/or Corporation willing to offer sponsorship of a high-rise building evacuation of 100 stories high, if possible, to prove my technological claims. The public image gain for the sponsorship would definitely pay back the investment required for the demonstration.

I call for 5,000 American volunteers to participate in confirming the practically for the benefit of all Americans. This experience was first demonstrated by 30,000 French citizens to help the development of this unique technology and later by over 1,000,000 European citizens of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg as drill users of ZEC installations.

A huge number of Americans have lost their life not only by the hands of terrorists, but also by the greedy interest and professional irresponsibility of special interest groups.

We will demonstrate the case and the evidence will speak for itself. The American public's opinion will judge.


Gerard Zephinie


Press release No.3



This is actually a matter of International Public Safety awareness.

Lerma, Edo. de Mexico, Mexico. November first 2001

In memory of the thousands, that could have escaped a horrific death and shall ever be "exclusively" the victims of an irresponsible failure to equip the World Trade Center towers with the only scientifically proven method of technology of mass evacuation available since 1975.
I invite the International Press to cooperate and join with me in an ethnic duty to present these proven facts to the American public, as well as to world-wide consciousness and opinion.  I am able to substantiate this call, as the inventor and designer of this remarkably successful and safe evacuation technology.  I wish to convey my unquestionable competence in this matter. 
Please see the information at
It is a proven fact and there is evidence that this unique type of equipment has been marketed by a major American Corporation in Europe for 25 years (see: ZEC UTC-Otis archives.htm).  This should corroborate the evidence that I have been earnestly seeking to reveal to the news media and to public opinion for fair and open judgment.  I wish to wake up an expected sense of ethnic values to free American journalists to finally investigate this outrageous case of secret conflict of special interests groups leading to the blackout of the only available public escape technology.
Obviously, and to my dismay, some American journalists mentally choose a more "chauvinistic" thought process in choosing to cancel the diffusion of this news.  However, if the facts which have been blocked from public awareness for 25 years are not revealed, those having an interest to keep business as usual or those just ignoring scientific facts, will keep feeding the illusion that  evacuating people from a death trap such as the WTC is impossible.  I urgently invite engineers among the public to view the ZEC's facts.
To continue to perpetuate that this public misinformation will and can kill thousands of innocent people in the USA and elsewhere.  I do, have done and will keep doing my duty until I finally find ethnically motivated American news professionals to relieve me.



 Press  Release No. 4  


Ignoring that something exists, is not a scientific method of evaluation.

Lerma, Mexico, May 6, 2002. A 25 years old high-rise building evacuation technology could have saved thousands live in the Sep.11 day!

It is yet the only internationally proven and officially certified mean technologically able to works over 100 stories, with an evacuation capacity 10 times higher than stairways.

Please see at: <>

It looks new for you? How that could be true? So, you call the local fire department… If that was true they will know it! If they ignore the cursed fact … that obviously doesn’t works, you bet!

But, this is a technology internationally endorsed and marketed since 1975 by one of the US major industrial group. Not the last Mickey Mouse’s skyscraper’s escape chute.

Please, learn the reasons why the American opinion and those supposed to know about it, yet ignore the existence of this unique technology at:

< and 30 pages of information on the case.

Really sorry, if the story eventually hurt your feeling as an American citizen, as it did to Zephinie, the inventor and developer of this unique technology since 1968.

The responsibility involved is to avoid an eventual recurrence of disaster resulting of the wrong and suspicious official policy of NON- EVACUATION.

The official position can be publicly challenged with the indisputable scientific evidences resulting of 25 year’s of accumulated official and certified records, including over 1 million uses in Europe. Ignoring that something exists, is not a scientific method of evaluation.



 Press Release No. 5  


Subject: Escape from a high-rise disaster is a human right which concerns everyone.

Dear Editor,

My name is Gerard Zephinie, I am the French born inventor and pioneer of the now 29 year old High-Rise Multiple Entry Evacuation Technology (ZEC-ME) .

To be trapped in a tall building disaster without means of evacuation remains a risk of random chance that concerns everyone. I hope to share that this problem has a proven solution. This subject is on most people's mind and is of great public interest and concern.

Please use your vocation to diffuse this information, whatever your editorial specialty. The aim is to confront the specialists position in an open public debate.

The public at large does include enough engineers, architects and academics with common sense that are uncompromised to specific interests and willing to assess the subject.
If the media were fair enough there will be plenty of mention regarding the existence of an international controversy and conflicting specialists positions.

The Sept 11 evacuation drama has created in America the urgency to consider an evacuation technology designed for evacuation resulting from a terrorist attack and the ZEC-ME remains the only proven and available high-unlimited mass evacuation method.

Americans are oblivious to the existence of this exclusive evacuation technology, branded, installed by thousands and guarantied by a major US Corp. and proven reliable since 1975 in Europe.
The topic remains an embarrassment in the USA after 25 years of hiding the facts from the American public.

In the meantime the company has demonstrated for years to governments, specialists and the media of Europe proving that the Otis sleeve (ZEC) is a unique highly effective evacuation method. Hundreds of press coverage and TV reports document the evidence.
All the while, American safety experts only communication to the press is: unproven at best! American and European public opinion including millions of shareholders are untitled to know: if eventually Otis Elevator-United Technologies
Corp. has used for more than two decades, deceptive claims to sell an evacuation system that American safety experts call irresponsibly in 2002, unproven at best.

Decades of a maliciously imposed gag order oblige me to use as credibility collateral the following arguments: Seriously, would the world's most famous American elevator company install an "unproven at best" evacuation system and high-speed traffic elevator installation, in 35 story buildings and 20 years later be servicing "an unproven at best" installation?

Not a dozen key fire specialists in America been aware since 1974 that the ZEC has been the most ever intensively tested and proved evacuation, the ZEC is unknown by American fire safety specialists.

I do not have money to react in the USA, the public demonstrations attended by thousands and massively supported by the Media in Europe were 28 years ago.

Sponsorship would help. The exposure can return the reward of a positive "public safety concern" image to the sponsor.
Millions of people have supported the ZEC in Europe. Everyone is interested in a live saving system like the ZEC. Thousand a day were lining up to test the invention.

A coincidence has involved United Technologies the huge American corporation in this case.

I signed the patent of exclusivity with Otis elevator Corp in Paris,
France in Dec. 1975, unfortunately the same day as United Technologies Corp. hostile takeover of Otis Elevator Corp.

In 1977, at Park Ave. NY the president of Otis Elevator Corp arranged with me a PR and national demonstration campaign project to introduce the new lifesaving technology to the American public. A top American PR advertising agency was to drive the operation with my participation. A prior campaign was an exemplary success in Europe in 1974.
The idea was bypassing the NY Fire authorities blockade the same way the French fire authorities 1973 unfair blockade have been battered and defeated.

Unfortunately the Board of UTC abruptly forbade the action and issued a formal restriction regarding the mention in the USA of the Zephinie Evacuation technology.
The action was business wise unjustifiable because hundreds of millions of dollars from potential market in the USA would result from PR operations.

The reason never was justified and remains since 1977, the board's secret. Probably undisclosed pressures compelled UTC's board to act in this way.

I was compelled to shut up for years but I never have and I will not give up, I have declared a challenge for televised public debate. Unfortunately my press releases have been unanimously e-trashed by the Media.

My polyglot's English is far from perfection and the press releases content are iconoclastic.

I am not an American citizen, but like millions, I shared the Americana tale 50 years ago. A time vanished from reality when auditing was a sacred matter. Fair competition and free enterprise were an acceptable possibility. Freedom, amendments inviolability was the essential faith in the greatness of the newborn empire. If I were an American citizen I would remain an above average educated critic of the system of rules. Do not use nationalistic prejudice. Science and philosophy should be independent of citizenship.

Straight scientific facts and assertion valid in Federal Court prove the
ZEC's case. To please or not bother susceptibilities is not the matter for anyone appealing for justice. My field of competence is high-unlimited massive emergency evacuation technology. The message focuses to avoid recurring evacuation disaster in America and elsewhere.

Documentation is available at Scientific and most detailed legal information are available on demand.


Gerard Zephinie





D. Gerard Zephinie

Tel: 52 728 281 1441 (better time 9 A.M. to 12 P.M.  Mexico central time GMT -6)


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