An exemplar case of press censorship...

For Four years Media have silenced the existence of an common lifesaving technology for avoiding an embarrassing story.

For Immediate Release

Sandy, UT. (PRWEB) October 26, 2005 -- Since 2001 six press releases and thousands of messages were sent.
Last release on Oct. 2004 got 68,618 reads and 997 pick up by media outlet and completely silenced.
The Washington Post correspondent in Mexico have roughly refused to attend the demonstration. A good example of present level of journalistic curiosity ... Regarding a product accounting over a thousand full of praise press and TV international reports in the past.

None has given a chance to the American opinion to reopen the 30-years old controversy on skyscrapers' evacuation.

Crusades announcement times . . . Was not the most appropriate period for eventually reconsidering "official" truth such as the 1977 NY state local Law # five forbidding skyscrapers' evacuation. So having killed ten times more people that terrorists effectively did one hour and 40 minutes after the attack . . .

The US fire authorities positions against the Zephinie mass evacuation technology are responsive for the terrible agonies of those trapped over the impacted floor . . .
The eminent danger was known for 30 years: .. an air terrorist attack could block the 30 higher floors . . . But they opposed and still oppose the only alternative to give people a chance out if stairways are neutralized.
Suicidal air attacks on tall skyscrapers will remain the best terrorist ROI .

Could a system based on unleashed corporate power eventuality admit that most of the 9/11 evacuation massacre could be consequence of an abuse of the board of a Major against the president a huge subsidiary lately bough out.
The Big Corporation till now sell discretely the Zephinie's technique in Europe and hide the fact to the US opinion since 1978. ?

Could a System that preaching free enterprise and free competition as capitalism fundamentals . . . Admit that many important US corporations were barred to market the new evacuation technique because business threat from top NY fire authorities in collusion with a monopolized control of the fire industry sector ?

Could an opinion leaded by an almost theocratic majority . . . judging the neighbors by pretending to be the elected nation . . . immaculate from corruption, wrongdoing, unfairness . . . Eventually look into the ways monopolistic interests did . . . To convinced the NYFD for stubbornly boycott for 30 years, and still faint of ignoring the only alternative issue for preventing mass evacuation problem in war times ?

The story includes a full sampling of unfairness and injustice including having left a mark in the US jurisprudence records as an evidence of the marshy field of church interventionism on business and justice in America.

The censure about the Zephinie evacuation technologies will remains an example that censure can happen without centralized control in the USA ... But just as result of a puritan tendency of self-censuring embarrassing truth.
There are still billions dollars market potential for Zephinie technologies ... but !
Who shall have the valor to take the challenge to market in the USA a product and having ruined its inventor because it was the only effective technique of mass evacuation alternative of the 20th century and still is.

Who shall dare to embarrass the NYDF proving to millions citizen making a modest living working in office towers ... That they can obviously avoid to be trapped before been mashed alive ... In case!
Embarrassing the NYDF .. Means getting into troubles on the huge East Coast fire safety business area. Who can afford it ?

Who wants to embarrass the White House down to most of the federal agencies responsive of the American public safety in war time . . . Including FEMA for not having tested the only operational mass evacuation technology after 9/11?

Who shall have the intellectual strength to abash the journalists having silenced the existence of a public domain technology since 2001.
White House Inc. business' strand of outsourcing everything considered since Babylonian times . . . Matter of government responsibility ... Only explains how the Zephinie's technologies have not been reviewed and tested in war times by any federal government agencies in charge of national security.
The technology is not commercialized . . . So doesn't make money . . . Ergo not making money is a proof of non existence on avariciousness metaphysic's criteria.
New Global xenophobic fashion and/or just classic right wing hatred to French ideas could have helped to silence the embarrassing story . . . With good chauvinist conscience.

To say that present US Corporate owning journalism's soul makes eventually impossible expecting publishing the embarrassing story of Zephinie tales in the USA. . . Is obviously not true. Because America is still the great democracy where everyone is free to spend a million bucks for a eight meter gold platted limosine or free to beg for charity hospice if he is badly sick and poor.
So in case that your story upsets some national sacred cows and unfortunately you have the wrong nationality, the wrong color, the wrong religion , the wrong philosophy ... Don't worry ... For a million bucks you are free to buy full pages in the New York times, the Washington Post , the Boston Globe... Etc. See: liberty of information is still safe in America.

Years ago a top US book publisher and CBS sixty minutes wanted to publish the ZEC story . . . now there is no market for a story obviously bothering America Inc. official credos for capitalism world's redemption .

50 years ago the American dream was part of my life . . . So it is hard to face the present scarring reality : under present jingoistic majority . . . telling the truth is eventually an Un-American activity .

Versión Española - Durante Cuatro años los Medios de comunicación de los EE.UU. han hecho callar y todavía existe una censura de información sobre una técnica de los setentas capaz de evitar drama de evacuación como lo del WTC.

Version Française - Depuis quatre ans les Médias Américains ont censuré l'existante d'une technologie d'évacuation inventée en France dans les années soixante-dix.

Gerard Zephinie

Zephinie don't commercialize ZEC technologies .. After a last effort to negotiate with the WTC of Mexico in 1996: the projected tests where forbidden by NY's Port Authorities.
Zephinie dedicated its time on alternative economy philosophical focusing on an Universal Income's project started about 1985. Internet was an key element but was not enough developed at this time. We restarted the project on 2002.

Zephinie remains since 30 years the original competence about mass evacuation alternative able to challenge publicly official truth about Tall Building evacuation in the USA and every here else.
We can technically support anyone willing to sponsor a nation wide public demonstration of ZEC-ME in the USA.

Please see our previous :

Open Letter to the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States - Tall Towers Evacuation in Case of Extreme Emergency Subject: Sep.11, WTC's evacuation issues and alternative solutions to secure effective mass evacuation. Special interests have silenced for years, using intimidation, the diffusion in the USA of an unique evacuation technique, million times tested under the responsibility of a Major US Corporation overseas for 20 years.
This release got so far 42,613 reads including 1,063 pick up by a media outlet and complete silence.

Full collection of Press releases since Oct 2001 :

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