The High-Rise Building Multiple Entry Vertical Escape Technology 

1968 - 2001

History will shows that:
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People that were trapped above the floor levels impacted  could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM, remaining operative over 25, in few minutes.
The Zephinie   Escape Chute (ZEC) 
can operate over 100 floors.  
Can evacuate up 1000 persons per minute, including handicapped ,  injured persons with the same average escape speed.
Ignorance or bad will
can't invalidate demonstrable 

Fire code enclosed ZEC escape chute 
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The original high-rise building multiple entry
vertical escape chute technology 

The Zephinie vertical escape chute technology

Pioneer of high rise vertical mass evacuation technology since 1968



Essential on the subject:

1.-  Summary of Vertical Evacuation products applications, designed, developed and eventually patented by  G. Zephinie since 1968

 2.- ZEC-ME is NOT an "Escape chute device" See NFPA's definition.  Strange ignorance about 30 years of international development of evacuation technique keeping  "fire safety specialists" confused.    

  3. -  NON EVACUATION OPTION" official reality. 

4.- Origin of the WTC evacuation disaster:  the Local Law 5 NY 1977

5.- Zephinie Escape Chutetechnology is the only alternative evacuation technique having
ever been marketed  by a transnational Corporation in the 20ty century.

6.- Anti-Terrorism Escape Installation
7.- fun  Fund Rising & Charity
8.- High Risk Industry Applications
9.- Hospital
10.- Evacuation 
11.- Mobil Rescue 1
12.- Monorail Evacuation
Rocket Launching

Reference 1
Reference 2
Fire Rescue Credits 

15.- Misunderstanding the design's particularity that makes the Zephinie 's multiple entry evacuation module an unlimited height mass evacuation technique lead to
 non-sense question and unfair judgments.






UTC-OTIS  sell the Zephinie Escape Chutein Europe since 27 years!.

UTC-Otis answer in NY not to know about the ZEC
(see info to the press)

 Who really can believe that the European Subsidiaries of United Technologies Corp. such as : Otis in France, Spain, Benelux, Portugal have installed with Government approvals 1000's of Zephinie Escape Chuteof all models, used millions of times knowing for 27 years the technology that does NOT works?

The following declaration:
The Otis Vertical Escape Chute has NOT height limit to evacuate 20 to 30 persons per minutes, including unconscious person  eventually across fire zones, has been made since 27 years by UTC-Otis Employees of all the hierarchy levels in Europe (see documents).
Are they irresponsive?
What have been the reasons for UTC-Otis to hiding those facts to the American people?

How do European insurance groups for charging extremely low premium to carry thousand of Zéphinié Escape Chute evacuation drill in buildings up 300fts high. Are they irresponsive?

We are talking of a technology associated with the major US elevator corporation's international image and liability since 1975!

I solemnly declare that when I do mention " the NY fire authorities (NYFA), is not in my mind possible confusion with the immense majority of brave men and woman heroically devoted to service of the community, that constitute heroic corps of the Fire department of New York.

Conflict of interests?

Ridiculous declaration of presumption that the Zephinie Escape Chute Doesn't works could be have been avoided for over 20 years proceeding to the required official tests of the Zephinie Escape Chute in New York.
 NY top fire Authorities and NFPA authorities is knowledgeable in 1977 that carrying on official tests in NY would makes impossible to denigrate the technology, and that will displease very powerful sponsors of the such VIP Club.

The method of systematic defamation of the ZEC-ME in the USA is creating a confusion with other methods of evacuation that effectively doesn't work for tall building evacuation.

If really the NYFA ignore that the ZEC-ME is only known tall building evacuation method that works since 27 years, it is a problem that reasons have to be explained to the US and International public opinion. (See NFPA position)

"stay where you are"!

Many has saved they live for ignoring the irresponsible direction  "stay where you are" because they self- evacuated.
The questionable defend-in-place ordinance for tall building has to be in brought in court by the 1000's having lost loved member of their family and also by the insurances.

Defamation and intimidation

Defamation and intimidation against the only technology that can save the live of thousands in the USA have to cease after a quarter of century period. Scientific assessments have to replace arbitrary beliefs. 

I tried my best best during 16 years until to be driven to ruin. ( see press release)
Now, this is a matter of public interest be defended by all concerned American people including Journalists, engineers, architects, lawyers of the East Coast.
The technology never have been boycotted by the West Cost fire authorities but in New York, why?

Write your concern about this matter to your local representatives and Senators. The URL of this page is:

Decades of stubborn wrong doing can't easily admitted:

Those that still claim in 2002 in the USA that ZEC-ME doesn't works must be compelled to brought to legislative and GPO scrutiny the scientific evidence of the allegations.
Please see International References

They did their best using intimidation to discourage many, including major American companies willing to introduce the new high unlimited evacuation method to the American peoples.

If is easy to hide turpitude or ignorance for years when in position of power but not the results of such acts, when 1000's of good citizens are crushed to death and their
bodies being scooped and dumped in landfill, because the only proven method of tall building evacuation has been censured by abuse of power of local authorities or ignorance. ( see article Archives of the Progressive Review )
How many more should perish in New York and every where to please the VIP Club's tradition? How many more firefighters, after those 345 brave NYC's smoke eaters would have to lose their life having not to way to escape?
The brave firefighters have to know that Zephinie Escape Chutealso allows the last of them present for duty at the front, to live quickly and safely eventually carrying the injured.

Declaration of public challenge:
I declare a challenge in televised public debate in the USA: any person or group(s) willing to take up the gauntlet, to publicly declare that the Zephinie Multiple Entry Vertical High-Rise Escape Chute (ZEC-ME), Doesn't WORKS.

I would appreciate any testimonial of declaration and publication references of declaration that nominally Zephinie Escape ChuteVertical Escape Technology doesn't works.

Cannot you believe that it can be true????

Don't trust a ring of swindlers that have marketed illegally the Zephinie Escape Chutetechnology for years. 
The Scandinavian pirates of the ZEC

You are welcome to learn about the unique experience of the ZEC's Technology