Can you explain how people could be rescued from above the floors with the blazing fire at the World Trade Center Towers?

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Brief answer to the question :


The ZEC- ME was designed as a tall building antiterrorist evacuation back in 1975-75.  For such reason the ZEC installation in the WTC should  have be done under the rule of dispersion and number of units proportional to multiple parameter equation including chance of neutralization of stairways in the range of 25< 50%, chance of neutralization of the ZEC-ME up to 75%.

You are not talking of a post event thesis, but on particular studies established decade’s ego having been object of a non public divulge agreement with the French Government in Dec.1975.   

 As a minimum, 20 ZEC-ME unit SHOULD have been installed in four sets of 5 units in the extremes opposed corner of the WCT’s towers. (30 units considering the large occupancy variation due visitors should have been considered.  Space occupied by 30 ZEC-ME unit on range in a 30<35m2 of business space occupation)
If the attack had occurred during pick hour occupancy the catastrophe’s balance would have been worse.   

The ZEC-ME units are as minimum NFPA standard protected 2 hour fire resistant exits including air pressurization, emergency lighting.  
That means that ZEC installation are build to work with over 800 centigrade external temperature as any protected stairways.
Extra option of superior protection than NFPA standards was available, because attack response to toxic aggression was included in the ZEC-ME application studies.  

The ZEC-ME installation’s design includes sophisticated communication systems.

The massive evacuation potential of the ZEC-ME obliged to rethink the problem of ground zero evacuation and pre-programmed emergency response to help the emergency evacuation command center to manage in real time with 20 or 30 disseminated exit routes in addition of the building stairways in a tall building like the WTC. Partial destruction of the ZEC-ME installation was a key aspect of the complex operational prevision.

The ZEC-ME evacuation method was designed to solve the well know proplem of tall buildings particular evacuation impossibility in case of abnormal-extraordinary emergency. Terrorist attack was and remains the main danger.   
Terrorist attack will aims building collapsing.  

So, as theory studies and fact situation shows on published images of the disaster the two set of 5 ZEC-ME  in the opposed side of the impacted  unit would have been had remained available. With a capacity of 20,000<40,000 evacuation/hour

Even if all the glasses of the building floor would have been blown out ( that is not the case) the ZEC-ME installation minimum expected, would have probably resisted, having a protection a far superior structural resistance than partition walls.    

Because the ZEC-ME installation studies are designed and analytically reviewed on the principle that the worse than expected has a non null chance. Only one of the 10 ZEC-ME would have allowed 3000<4000 peoples in an hour to escape from martyrdom from the trapped floor. It is easy to make a computer simulation to shows how the ZEC would have done the job. 

 The 20 units below the attacked floor would have anyways remained fully operational with a capacity of 40,000< 80,000 evacuation per hour as an extra to the available stairway.       

 The above said are strictly demonstrable scientific facts.


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