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Contact Gerard Zephinie

Zephinie industrial design

Tel:  Mexico: 52 728 281 1441
Tel: France:

Primary Email contact: zec@freewwwtools.org webmaster (o) freewwwtools.org

Secondary email contact: wzwz (o) free.fr

PC-to-PC communication: Skype: ID: zdesign1

Tell us what you think about this web site, about the content , or anything else that comes to mind. all of your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Feel free to write in English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian or Catalan

If some native Anglophone, are interested by Free www citizen subjects, and are willing to help regarding the proofreading of the English language, actually used in this site, as an international mean of communication, you are welcome. 

Thank you for your attention.
Merci de votre attention.
Gracias de su atención.

URL of this site: http://escape-chute.freewwwtools.org/ 

©Copyright 1973, 2003 - 2011 by Gerard  J. Zephinie



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