The High-Rise Building Multiple Entry Vertical Escape Technology 

1968 - 2001

History will shows that:
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People that were trapped above the floor levels impacted  could have been evacuated by only one set of four or five units of ZEC-EM, remaining operative over 25, in few minutes.
The Zephinie   Escape Chute (ZEC) 
can operate over 100 floors.  
Can evacuate up 1000 persons per minute, including handicapped ,  injured persons with the same average escape speed.
Ignorance or bad will
can't invalidate demonstrable 

Fire code enclosed ZEC escape chute 
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Summary of the initial period 1967 - 1977 of design development of the Zéphinié Vertical Evacuation Technology


Creative draft design of a dozen of projects.
International researches of anteriority in four languages about all systems focusing fire emergency evacuation and historical archives related to vertical transportation devises.
Zéphinié use critical analyze of the patented devises covering the field since 1890, Including: Zigzag , Diaphragm, Cable system, Net, Cushion, Flexible ladder, toboggan, Slop type designs, etc .

 The initial creative draft designs included many re-invention of old techniques and were eliminated considering that eventual improvement will not fit with finality function optimization, that include the good Mr. Backer’s net chute.
Original Zéphinié escape chute researches include: Pneumatic, electrostatic chute, air pressure affects and other option yet not published.
A Pneumatic escape chute system and vertical moving object were patented under a friend's name to avoid US patent office troubles and never has been commercialized


1968. The first version of the ZEC single entry (ZEC-SE) was patented .
One year later the two layer concentric sleeve chute was analyzed has superior and kept secret and patented in 1973.
That will oblige to prove that the design was new and superior in international patent examination. At the same time, my honorable Japanese competitor Mr. Morimoto patented a different but also vertical escape chute the Uyeda ACE. The Zephinie vertical escape chute single entry or ZEC-SE first breaks off from the 19th century toboggan or slop slide chute. An evacuation must operate without ground assistance to fit logic critical analyzes design optimization.

System critical analyzes and experiences show that a single entry chute could not be used for tall building evacuation.
The solution should fit with NFPA 101 life safety code the best practical fire engineering handbook.

The Zephinie High-rise building Evacuation technology (ZEC-ME)

The ZEC-ME chute devises... Including from the other ZEC models ... Independent patent was granted to ZEC-ME.

General ignorance about tall buildings alternative evacuation method is the root of the confusion.
The ZEC-ME it's not a technical improvement of the ZEC-SE escape chute but the improvement of the fire code concept of enclosed exit like the stairway... ZEC-ME use sleeves instate of stair treads.
Design methodology divided the ZEC-ME installations in several sub-classes:

a.- Fire code enclosed stairway mixed evacuation method of classic Stairway and ZEC-ME to be planned at the building design stage.

b.- Retrofitting ZEC-ME into existing, building, the system is integrated such as fixed evacuation structure inside, or outside the existing, building structure... Just like an emergency stairway.

c.- Antiterrorist installation of ZEC-ME planning
Note: The Zephinie antiterrorist installation designs optimization were based on critical design review of high-rise building possible method of attack.
It resulted from the basic definition of high-rise building standard aiming alternative evacuation in case of a terrorist attack.
Summary of topics involved in the antiterrorist evacuation application researches.

Rescue planning must considered up 75% neutralization evacuation capacity
Toxic aerosol attack trough tall building air conditioning system.
Repairing a ZEC-ME module during emergency.
TV closed, circuit and redundant communication channels using multiplex power line technology and FM frequencies (sorry we were in 1974) to centralized evacuation command center.
Optimizing evacuation period: 20 minutes extreme limits 60 minutes.
Attack chances pointing at 50 <75% building high, neutralizing main stairways, to compute alternative evacuation traffic load.
Paramedic training about assistance inside the ZEC sleeve during evacuation.
Method of forcing the ZEC evacuation up to 4000 people per hour per ZEC evacuation unit and evaluation of minor injuries that could result.
Possibility to repair element of ZEC sleeve during emergency.

Side researches: Ground zero evacuation out of potential collapsing zone in consideration of wide distribution of the ZEC-ME.
Pre-Planning of Strategic positioning of rescue vehicles.
The definition fits with the WTC 2001 catastrophe back in 1975, because based on logic problem solving methods. Any high-rise building method of evacuation has to fit as the minimum, with the Zephinie’s 1975 definition.
d.- ZEC- hospital patient’s evacuation method and planning.
e.- The Zephinie's twisting method for controlling patient evacuation, using ZEC single entry chute (ZEC-SE) also applicable to ZEC Single Entry ZEC Mobil Rescue technology (ZEC-MR)
ZEC was the first improvement to ladder evacuation capacity.
Officially certified in 1975 to improve up 100 time fire ladder evacuation.
The ZEC-MR included several original design, such as the ZEC dynamic chock absorber , gravity stabilized, service basket and the adaptive fixation.
The basic ZEC-MR use the ZEC-ME the sleeve's arrangement and work like a ZEC-SE model.
The ZEC Single Entry (ZEC-SE)
The 1973 ZEC-SE was the first high performance vertical evacuation device as a defined “ escape chute” by the NFPA classification.

1974. Admiral Vasilieff and Zephinie test water protection in flame contact and with Fire colonel Jean Husson basic definition of wet cloth escape chute protection. ( Wet cloth protection is a particular phenomenon )
Strong winds and turbulence affect on single entry escape chute and tests under freezing temperature.

Helicopter born ZEC-SE rescue on building terraces tests were performed with the French Navy.
Design researches on single home portable units and tests.
1976. Zephinie decides to enforce the 100 ft safe standard limit for public use of the ZEC single entry escape chute 14 tons breaking limits as the result of the 3-year experiences and re-analyze.
Note: multiple safety factor reason obliges the limitation. The consideration could apply to escape chute classification in general. Devises that fit in the escape chute class, including the ZEC-SE are just incompetent devises to secure high-rise building evacuation.

R & D on particular evacuation problems:
Ammunition plants, Rocket launching pad.
R & D of improvement are kept unpublished for years.
After 30 years of international services the ZEC-SE keeps the privilege to challenge in public demonstration any other escape chute devises.



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