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About the Author

Gerard J. Zephinie Résumé:
January 20,1943, French born Inventor, industrial designer philosopher. Account of a life time dedication to technologies learning and researches in Technologies related Social Economic impact. Trained in patent research and application. Has filed for Patents of Invention since the age of sixteen.
Enjoy of a fair integration in the French, Anglo and Hispanic cultures.

Inventor and developers of the Vertical Escape Chute Technologies, marketed under exclusive licenses by several European subsidiaries of the Otis Elevator Corporation. International recognition for his works in Safety Technologies in Europe.

Understands six idioms
Practically use three.
Utilize conceptual reading, ergo, desperately blind to the most evident misspelling in any idioms!
Have visited over 40 countries, in a period of 48  years.
Prominent aptitudes:
Conceptualization, Analyze, Inference, 3D Visualization, and Semantic aptitudes.

Main characteristic:
· Exceptional Creative Aptitudes.
· Passionate Interests for the Knowledge and the  Intellectual Researches.
· Intellectual Independence.
· High Capacity of Work.
· Ethic and idealistic orientation.
· High degree of perseverance.
insatiable curiosity and fundamental unorthodoxy

Psychological Characteristics:
Lateral Thinking.
Early Age Maturation and Learning Ability.

Profession: Inventor/Industrial designer
Autodidact to the exception of several Engineering courses.

Fundamental Learning:
Applied Mathematics and Physic of Industrial Engineering Programs
Radio-Electronic engineering.
Applied Mechanical Engineering.

Fields of Peculiar knowledge or special interest and professional experiences related to several topics of the general field of learning.
Consumer Products.
Building Technologies.
Alternative Energies.
History of Inventions.
Science and Technologies History.
Naval, Aerial, and General Armament History.
Patent and Model Researches and applications.
Business Plan, Private Placement, and Public offering.
Critical Analysis Methodology/Design Review.
Advertising Marketing and Communication.
Internet Marketing, Web Tool has specialized Free Software, On Line Services, Opt-in mailing.
Integrated New Products Development and Promotion  including: Design, Patent researches, redaction and defense, Trade Mark, Joint Venture organization, International Sponsoring gathering, Production Engineering organization, Pamphlet and handbook redaction, Press release and meeting organization, Marketing & Communication strategy & tactic definition & testing, Public Opinion Pooling,  Government relations, TV and radio presence, Installation and product control standards definition.
General Business administration.
International Trading and Offshore Operations.
Economical Geography.
Commercial and penal codes of several countries.
US Business Practices.
Islamic Business Practices.
Latin American business Practices.
Asian Business Practices.
European Business Practices.
Universal History.
World War I and II.
American History.
Compared Religions.
World Distribution Recourses
Metaphysic/Creativity Process
Psychology: Particularly C.G. Jung
Adler, Freud.
Hypnosis and psychosomatic. biofeedback.
Parapsychology, UFO’s and Artificial intelligence.
Cosmology and Astronomy.
Fine Art and Fashion History.
International Gastronomy

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Take an Art Break!

Millions of pages show an undifferentiated business litany

The idea is to include an Art Work at the bottom of any page
If the content is interesting the image will reinforce the remembrance
If the content is standard the image will create an associative recollection  
Any thing having the purpose to transfer a feeling is, by essence, an Art Work
That intention would create an immense swapping activity of creative productions of infinite varieties